HW Vintage American Muscle 10-car series to appear at Walmart

12/13/2016 — It appears Walmart’s exclusive rotating “pegged” semi-basic line gets another revamp as what was the #Stars & Stripes and Hot Wheels Garage in 2016, morphs into a series thats bound to be a hit: HW Vintage American Muscle! These mostly red, white & blue vehicles will pay homage to vintage Americana through their card art. There are 5 scenes for every 2 cars: Main Street, Gas Stations, Diners, The Race Track and Open Highways. Below are the 10 vehicles included in this series along with the card art each one will feature. They should be available starting in January.

HW Vintage American Muscle

  1. ’70 Pontiac GTO (Diners) [PIC]
  2. ’67 Ford Mustang Coupe (Diners) [PIC]
  3. ’70 Dodge Charger R/T (The Race Track) [PIC]
  4. ’70 Ford Mustang Mach I (Main Street) [PIC]
  5. ’65 Pontiac Bonneville (Open Highways) [PIC]
  6. ’71 Maverick Grabber (Open Highways) [PIC]
  7. Mig Rig (Main Street) [PIC]
  8. ’69 Dodge Charger (Gas Stations) [PIC]
  9. ’68 Mercury Cougar (Gas Stations) [PIC]
  10. ’66 Ford Fairlane (The Race Track) [PIC]

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