Your Guide to the 17th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals Convention

04/03/2017 — The 17th installment of the Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals Convention kicks off on Wednesday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In what promises to be an exciting convention for the many newbies attending this one — as this is the first Hot Wheels convention to be held in the state of Pennsylvania — the many familiar faces that frequent the bi-yearly conventions put on by Collectors Events Unlimited (and sponsored by Mattel / Hot Wheels) will notice some changes.

First, attendees will notice a new souvenir car in the sales room starting on Friday. This RLC Exclusive Nationals Car will be the ’67 Camaro in spectraflame pink and will take the place of the RLC Party Car. It will be carded and be limited to an undisclosed amount.

Second, familiar attendees will also notice the liberation event at the RLC Party has been eliminated. Gone are the two sets of raffle tickets as there will only be the main raffle that will continue. You can still purchase those tickets in the souvenir room.

Lastly, are the souvenir cars. Below is the list of them. We will update this section and the news below, as the convention progresses, until Sunday. Keep checking back for the latest news from the convention floor.


  • The RLC Exclusive Nationals Car (’67 Camaro) will be available outside the souvenir sales room from 10AM-2:30PM, on Friday & Saturday.
  • The Drag Dairy will be the “An Evening with Bob Rosas” Dinner Car, limited to no more than 1,600 pcs.
  • Rockfish Productions screening their film Redlines to Treasure Hunts for the first time to an “invite-only” crowd of 50 at 10PM Friday Night.
  • Senior Packaging Designer, Julian Koiles, has the next wave of #Replica Entertainment vehicles on display at his autograph signing. They include The Jetson’s Capsule Car, Snoopy, Batman v. Superman Batmobile, Guardians of the Galaxy Milano, and the Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34).
  • Several sneak peeks were shown at the RLC Party on Friday night, those can be seen >> HERE.
  • The Heavy Chevy will be the car for Saturday’s nights Finale, limited to no more than 1,300 pcs.
  • The 18th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals Convention (spring 2018) will be held in Dallas, Texas.

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