Chances are, if you’re up-to-date on your Hot Wheels hunting and have found the latest “D” case assortment of 2017 vehicles, then you’ve seen this funny looking VW Beetle on the pegs. Seasoned collectors will most likely have recognized the paint/graphics on this one. Whether you’re a glass half-empty or glass half-full type of collector may determine how you feel about this. The pessimistic collector may think that the graphic designer is simply reusing the graphics from the 2015 HW City / Surf Patrol series VW Kool Kombi whereas the optimistic collector may think of this as a cool opportunity to collect the start of a hidden series featuring matching, funky #VW beach cars.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Kool Kombi (2015 HW City / Surf Patrol) and ‘Tooned VW Beetle (2017 ‘Tooned) … on the beach, as seen on the @OrangeTrackDiecast Instagram

While the #’Tooned cars are not for everyone, their following has certainly evolved after being introduced 13+ years ago. Initially a vast majority of collectors scoffed at the idea of these cartoonish cars, as they feel as they plagued the mainline. Back then however, they seemed to be Mattel’s answer for competing diecast brands such as Muscle Machines, which certainly had a following. Including these in the mainline at the price-point of $1 effectively reciprocated the competitive edge, driving some of those companies to go under.

For 2017, Hot Wheels decided to release a 10-car series titled “‘Tooned” in the mainline that includes this #’Tooned Volkswagen Beetle among 9 other of these cartoon cars. Initially, I thought I’d see complaints blasted all over social media after collectors got wind of these cars returning in their own segment, however, I was quite surprised when I saw the passion some collectors displayed when talking about the #’Tooned Hot Wheels that they collect.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ‘Tooned VW Beetle from the 2017 ‘Tooned Series (on the beach)

The #’Tooned Volkswagen Beetle is certainly one of those #’Tooned cars that collectors are passionate for. It was released as a New Model in 2010 and it seemed to appeal to collectors in a way that most quirky Volkswagens tend to do. Its huge, rear #Blown Engine was re-tooled mid-run of its 2012 Heat Fleet release so that the engine and exhaust would be part of the same diecast metal piece — a feature that has continued through to this 2017 release.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Turquoise Enamel Body (metal). Dark Tinted Windows. Unpainted Metal Engine/Exhaust. Chrome 5-Spoke Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# DTX50. Released in 2017 as #7 of 10 in the ‘Tooned Series (#74/365).

For more images of your favorite Hot Wheels cars, make sure you check out our @orangetrackdiecast Instagram page!

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  1. Screw the haters, man. I love this casting. I have the 2012 Super TH of it and have already done a custom wheel swap on this 2017 version. A great car. Some photos will be coming soon on my blog. Cheers.

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