NEW 8-Car Set: Camaro Fifty

10/18/2016 — A new 8-car set that has long been speculated has finally been revealed as the Camaro Fifty (or 50th Anniversary of the Camaro) set. The set will be a Walmart Exclusive in 2017 and feature the 8 Camaro castings below.

Camaro Fifty Series

  1. ’67 Camaro [PIC]
  2. ’69 Camaro [PIC]
  3. ’81 Camaro [PIC]
  4. ’85 Camaro IROC-Z [PIC]
  5. ’95 Camaro Convertible [PIC]
  6. ’13 Hot Wheels Chevy Camaro Special Edition [PIC]
  7. Custom ’10 Camaro SS [PIC]
  8. ’13 COPO Camaro [PIC]

See the set by following this >>> LINK

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