Part of going back and rediscovering your collection is that you come across gems like this that you forgot you even had. Released as part of the #Real Riders Series (2005), this Hot Wheels #Mustang Mach I was listed as “1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – Parnelli Jones” on the packaging. While the casting does resemble Jones’ Boss 302, a more authentic racing scheme can be found as part of the 2011 Hot Wheels Vintage Racing line — on the actual ’70 Ford Mustang Boss 302 casting. Five year earlier, that casting wasn’t available so the Mustang Mach I casting had to suffice.

At the time, and to this day, this release only disappoints in the area of being less than authentic as its truly a marvelous piece. The Hot Wheels Mustang Mach I has been a collector favorite since its debut in 1998 and this #Parnelli Jones vintage #Race Car scheme (wearing the #15) is as classic as they come.

This infamous Real Riders Series of 2005? Well, it was exclusive to Kmart/Sears and featured some nice realistic vehicles. Unfortunately, since it was a #Kmart Exclusive series, the stock didn’t move fast enough leading the last couple vehicles in the series to be released in quantities under 15,000. Despite being one of the nicer releases from this series, this #Mustang Mach I can still be obtained from around the retail price of $3 upwards to about $10.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Yellow Body (metal). Clear Windows. Black Rear Louvres/Spoiler. Black Interior. Chrome Real Riders 5-Spoke (RR5SP) Wheels. Black Base (metal). Made in Malaysia. Toy# B5944. Released in 2005 as part of the Real Riders Series (Exclusive to Kmart/Sears).

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