The Hot Wheels ’80 Dodge Macho Power Wagon is back!

05/13/2016 — Great news for fans of the Hot Wheels ’80 Dodge Macho Power Wagon … its back! It was rumored to be a one-and-done after there was conversation about the tooling being lost. This came after the Power Wagon was scrapped from the Heritage line.

This will be the second release of the casting and will feature Batman graphics as part of the 2016 Pop Culture line — DC Comics: Batman and Superman.

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For more information on this segment and to see the other cars in the series, check out’s article on the subject. Below is the list of cars in the segment:

2016 Pop Culture Mix 4: DC Comics Batman and Superman

  • ’34 Dodge Delivery (Batman)
  • ’80 Dodge Macho Power Wagon (Batman)
  • Quick D-Livery (Batman)
  • ’71 Chevy El Camino (Superman)
  • Custom ’52 Chevy (Superman)
  • Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus (Superman)

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