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Top 10 Diecast Videos

As you will see, the diecast car hobby is very diverse in how you can have fun with your cars. From collecting mint vehicles to racing them to even putting your own “spin” on them through customizing, big kids and small kids are having fun all over the globe. Below is a list of our 10 favorite diecast videos found on YouTube. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

10. Awesome Hot Wheels Jumps – Hot Wheels cars can pull some serious G’s around curves and loops. Good thing they don’t have mini drivers or else they’d be taking a 1:64 scale nap. These kids are jumping their cars and at some points the cars appear weightless while flying through the air.

9. Wheel Swapping – Wheel swapping is one of the most common practices in customizing diecast vehicles. This charismatic gentleman takes you through one in real-time. 

8. Racegrooves Review of Hot Wheels Super 3-Lane Speedway – Mark over at Racegrooves has been reviewing cars and track sets for quite some time. His down-to-earth showmanship shows you what to expect from the track sets. His videos have convinced many kids and collectors alike to take a second look at some of these sets as they can be quite fun to play. He has many videos on his channel but this is the one that convinced me that I need the Hot Wheels Super 3-Lane Speedway in my life.

7. Hot Wheels Drifting – As the popularity in Hot Wheels tuners continues to rise, so does this “new” way to play with them. Straight track racing is so last generation. Drifting on a “driftpad” seems to be popular with this new crowd.

6. Extreme Collectors – Bruce Pascal’s Hot Wheels Collection – Bruce Pascal is in the Diecast Hall of Fame and now the show Extreme Collectors gives you a private tour of his Hot Wheels shrine. Check out all those redlines, prototypes and wait, is that the most expensive Hot Wheels ever? The Pink Rear-Loading Beach Bomb?

5. 1968 Hot Wheels Commercials – To imagine these cars being played with by kids seems unfathomable in this day and age, but back then, redlines were just toys. The fact that many of these did not last longer than the 1970s is what made them collectible.

4. Hot Wheels Earth Invaders – Its crazy whats a kids imagination looks like when teamed with a production budget. This Hot Wheels short is truly entertaining to watch. So if the redline video didn’t take you back to being a kid, this one surely has to.

3. The Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks Part 1 – This videos showcases what happens when dad is left alone with the two kids and a video camera. This track seems to run forever! Part of me wonders if the axles on the Power Pistons used, melted. 

2. Metropolis II – Videos of this diecast Metropolis have floated around for years. From its first “test-run” to the final version of it shown here, it was hard to pick just one. Show we are going to show you the end product and how amazing it is to see a real world diecast city.

1. Larry Wood’s Garage – The Hot Wheels Mecca would have to be Larry’s Garage. Many collectors have made the pilgrimage to Southern California to see it. One day I hope to do the same! This video showcases Diecast Hall of Fame collector, Mike Zarnock, wide-eyed by Larry’s garage as he gets to explore the depths of it.






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