NEW Hot Wheels Entertainment Series: Gran Turismo

04/26/2016 — The Hot Wheels Entertainment line will be taking a short hiatus from #TV & Movie Cars in Mix 3. Instead, we will see all five cars in the mix in licensed attire from the video game franchise, Gran Turismo. Below is the list of 5 cars which should be appearing soon:

Hot Wheels Entertainment (Mix 3 – Gran Turismo):

  1. Ford GT LM (Matte Black)
  2. Corvette C7.R (Dark Red)
  3. Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT (Silver)
  4. Lamborghini Veneno (Yellow)
  5. ’09 Nissan GT-R (Black)

UPDATED 07/20/2016 — The photo below of the 5 cars at retail, has surfaced. Numbering updated.


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