New 8-car set: Super Mario

04/09/2016 — Unveiled at the Hot Wheels Nationals Convention Finale in Indianapolis tonight was an 8-car series named Super Mario. This set looks to be a special basic-line series similar the to ones that have been showing up exclusively at Walmart. We don’t have many details yet, but we have started to assembled a list of confirmed castings.

Super Mario Series

  1. Vandetta (Toad)
  2. Ryura LX (Luigi)
  3. RD-08 (Wario)
  4. Cruise Bruiser (Bowser) >> Read about it HERE
  5. Bully Goat (Princess Peach)
  6. Bread Box (Mario)
  7. Flathead Fury (Yoshi)
  8. Super Van (Donkey Kong)

UPDATE 10/11/2016 — Link to Bowser Cruise Bruiser added.

UPDATE 09/13/2016 — Links to images added.

UPDATE 07/07/2016 — This looks like another licensed 8-car series destined for Walmart. The blister cards form a mural when all lined up side-to-side.

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