New 10-car set: Hot Wheels Garage

04/09/2016 — Unveiled at the Hot Wheels Nationals Convention Finale in Indianapolis tonight was a 10-car series named Hot Wheels Garage. This set looks to be a special basic-line series similar the to ones that have been showing up exclusively at Walmart. We don’t have many details yet, but we have started to assembled a list of confirmed castings: 3 of the 10 cars added.

UPDATE 07/18/2016 — Apparently, these will replace the Stars & Stripes Series at Walmarts in the United States. 10 of the 10 cars now added.

Hot Wheels Garage Series

  • ’67 Pontiac GTO Convertible
  • ’70 Chevelle SS Wagon
  • ’57 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
  • ’69 Corvette
  • ’80s Pontiac Firebird
  • ’70 Camaro RS
  • Purple Passion
  • ’58 Ford Thunderbird
  • ’70 Dodge Hemi Challenger
  • ’67 Custom Mustang

Below is an image of the cars that has been floating around the web.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.18.44 PM

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