Hot Wheels Stars & Stripes line hitting Walmart NOW

02/09/2016 — We have seen a variety of exclusive series released at Walmart the last couple of years and that trend continues with the surprisingly patriotic Stars & Stripes Series. Consisting of 10 vehicles, the blister card artwork (when put together) forms an American Flag complete with two bald eagles. These have just started hitting Walmart stores (in the U.S.) so be on the lookout!

2016 Stars & Stripes Series:

  1. ’70 Ford Torino
  2. Fire-Eater
  3. ’68 Mustang
  4. Custom ’77 Dodge Van
  5. Camaro Z28
  6. ’71 Plymouth Satellite
  7. Hiway Hauler 2
  8. 8 Crate
  9. ’67 Chevy C10
  10. Rodger Dodger

UPDATE 2/18/2016: This specialty line will reportedly replace the #HW Road Trippin’ Line at Walmart and retail for $2.14 here in the United States. The Stars & Stripes Series is reportedly the first wave of this new line.

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