NEW! McDonald’s Hot Wheels 8-Car Set: DC Comics Superheroes

03/03/2016 — McDonald’s is once again releasing Hot Wheels (along with Barbie) in its Happy Meals. It looks like they are slated for a March 15th release. In typical McDonald’s fashion, these Hot Wheels mimic the ones made by Mattel. Since they are made specific for McDonald’s, the castings are slightly different from the ones that appear in the Hot Wheels mainline. Also, some castings have more noticeable modifications as well such as a closed roof. Below is the list of the 8-Cars schedule to be released along with this DC Comics Superhero graphics.

2016 McDonald’s Hot Wheels Promotion

  • Driftsta (Superman)
  • Maximum Leeway (Batman)
  • Great Gatspeed w/ closed roof (The Joker)
  • Time Track (Aquaman)
  • Epic Fast (The Flash)
  • Nitro Tailgater (Cyborg)
  • GT Hunter (Green Lantern)
  • D-Muscle (Robin)

2016 McDonalds Hot Wheels

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  1. Is there anyway to purchase #1 and #2 cars if you missed them at the restaurant? Katrinka Gibson, kgibson@Murray

  2. How can i buy this 8 cars set if i missed them at The Restaurant? Because My son really like this 8 cars set..we just notis this End of last month.

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