New 8-car set: Hot Wheels Soccer

03/03/2016 — Its seems as though Hot Wheels is releasing new series/lines left and right lately. This new 8-car series features a generic soccer theme with #Unlicensed Hot Wheels. Its unclear where this series will pop up, but we have already started seeing the images surface. The series is as follows:

Hot Wheels Soccer

  • Golden Arrow
  • Carbonic
  • Prototype H-24
  • Hammerhead
  • Circle Trucker
  • Imparable
  • Avant Garde
  • Muscle Tone

2016 Hot Wheels Soccer

UPDATED 09/13/2016: Looks like this set is also being found at Kroger stores here in the United States.

UPDATED 07/04/2016: I found this set at a local hobby store which likely means it is a hobby store exclusive.



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