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’60s Muscle Car Collection: ’67 CAMARO

Arguably the most popular and iconic of all Hot Wheels is the ’67 Camaro casting. In 2007, it finished second in terms of popularity to the Volkswagen Drag Bus in a collectors poll. How can the ’67 Camaro be an all-time favorite Hot Wheels car when it wasn’t even released until 1983? Well, Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood essentially re-hatched the original 1968 redline era Custom Camaro (originally designed by Harry Bradley) . So, in a sense, with the ’67 Camaro still being produced today, its status as a Hot Wheels casting dates back to the original 16 Hot Wheels of 1968.

While there have been many great releases of the ’67 Camaro, my favorite is this 1996 release from the ’60s Muscle Car Collection 4-car set. Yes, that includes the 1995 Treasure Hunts version which sells for over $350 carded. Between the bright orange paint and its stance on its Deep Dish Real Rider Wheels w/ Goodyear Tampo, this ’67 Camaro is an attention grabber. It was one of the cars that I obtained when I first started collecting. I saw this very car at a toy show loose, on a table for $4 and had to have it! Now it sits proudly in my collection and every so often, I take a peek under that hood.

Diecast Motorsports
RELEASE DETAILS: Orange Body (metal). Clear Windows. Black Interior. Chrome Deep Dish Real Rider (DDRR) Wheels with Goodyear tampo. Unpainted Metal Base. Toy# 16255. Released in 1996 as part of the ’60s Muscle Car Collection (4-car set).

For more images of your favorite Hot Wheels cars, check out the @orangetrackdiecast Instagram!


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