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Orange Track Diecast

Replica Entertainment / HALO: UNSC SCORPION

We have a tank! All apologies to the #Tanknator aside, this is the first realistic tank released in a Hot Wheels line since 1997 when we saw the last releases of the Command Tank and Tough Customer tank castings. The #UNSC Scorpion is a brand-new, #First Edition tank […]

Diecast Motorsports

U.S. Charities Racing Team: Humvee

The United States of America turns another year old and while Hot Wheels were not made back in 1776, nor was the automobile, we take you back to 1997. Why 1997? Well thats the year the patriotic Humvee you see below was produced as a promotional piece for […]

Military Rods: ’69 PONTIAC GTO

In 1969, Pontiac released its GTO with a new trim level called, “The Judge” which was oddly enough derived from a comedy routine. Make no mistake as the ’69 Pontiac GTO or “The Judge” was no laughing matter. This beast of raw power and pure muscle car strength […]