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Orange Track Diecast

HW Race Team: ’96 NISSAN 180SX TYPE X

For guys like me, the ’90s don’t seem that long ago as I remember my friend’s dad actually owning a Nissan 180SX. The ’90s we also the start of the #Hot Wheels Race Team in segment series form. Now, we are combining “classic” #JDM vehicles with neo- Hot […]

Orange Track Diecast

HW Race Team: ’12 FORD FIESTA

The first #HW Race Team (2017) series car has shown up! Appearing in the 2017 mainline “J” case assortments, the #’12 Ford Fiesta comes sporting a #Hot Wheels Race Team #14 Rally El Segundo deco. The car-specific/unique background graphics have carried over from the #HW Race Team (2016), which […]