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Orange Track Diecast

What is #12 in the 2018 Hot Wheels (HW) 50th Race Team? (UPDATED 11/9)

The #2018 Hot Wheels mainline is essentially over — queue the master sets. We’ve seen the 2018 “Q” case cars and have already begun seeing the 2019 “A” case releases. Short of the November Kmart Collector Day Exclusives, you’re running out of opportunities for your favorite 2018 release to […]

Orange Track Diecast

HW 50th Race Team: BONE SHAKER

Hot Wheels collectors were introduced to a new term this year as it relates to #Chase pieces: “Ultimate Chase”. Going back to last year’s LA convention, it was teased that the #2018 Hot Wheels mainline would feature the first Ultimate Chase piece. The several months that followed had […]