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These castings have been discontinued. Though some have not been officially retired, our rule-of-thumb is that if a casting has not been used in the last 5 years, it joins the ranks of our discontinued castings. Like all rules, there are exceptions to it.

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Once a consolation prize, this SUGAR CADDY reminds us of another time in the RLC that may be eerily familiar

To long-time members of the Red Line Club, the #HWC Series 8: #Sugar Caddy represents some pretty heavy RLC anguish. Sound familiar? Given the stress of yesterday’s sale, I thought it would be fitting to look at a car that lives deep within HWC lore. In 2009, the […]

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Pitpass Exclusive: CADILLAC ESCALADE

Here’s a Hot Wheels release you don’t see too often: the #2004 Hot Wheels #Pitpass Exclusive, #Cadillac Escalade. It served as the #Promotional Vehicle used to promote Hot Wheels and the clothing brand / online retailer, Pitpass. It was released in a similar fashion to last year’s Illest/Fatlace […]

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Casting Profile: FERRARI 599XX

Welcome to a new segment here at Orange Track Diecast called “Casting Profile”. In each of these profiles, we will take a look at a certain Hot Wheels casting and examine its releases, value and other fun facts. I know a lot of you are going to enjoy […]

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Hi-Rakers Series: MONTEZOOMA

Part of the reason why I love Hot Wheels so much is the brand’s ability to capture all types of car culture at the retail price of $1. Take for instance what I have heard typically referred to as #Donk culture. Popular with U.S. inner-city, donks usually originate […]

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2001 First Editions: MORRIS WAGON

With all the hype #Gassers get these days, its surprising the #Morris Wagon doesn’t get much attention. Maybe its because the casting hasn’t been released since 2013 and/or maybe its because its a British car, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a second look at its #2001 […]