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2021 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts TRACKER (Updated 9/1)

9/25/2020 — With the 2021 Hot Wheels cases hitting stores soon, it’s time to start a new #Treasure Hunts Tracker for 2021. Below is what we know so far when it comes to the 2021 Regular and Super Treasure Hunts. 2021 Regular Treasure Hunts Baja Bone Shaker (Holiday […]

Hot Wheels 2020 Mainline “N” Case Unboxing

8/16/2020 — Mattel sent the #2020 Hot Wheels “N” case to The Lamley Group directly from their US-based warehouse. That basically means the “N” case should start showing up at retail (and through distributors) soon as they are already stateside — that’s great news. Below is The Lamley […]