Hot Wheels 2023 Black Box “E” case now available on Amazon

Feedback on the Amazon Black Boxes released earlier this year has been across the board. Some collectors love that you can simply order 16 of the latest assortment of Hot Wheels — with no duplicates — and still have a shot at a Regular and/or Super Treasure Hunt. Others have balked at the $24.99 price point and the fact that retail (in the US) has gotten the case assortments before Amazon has released each of the mixes thus far. Either way, I applaud the HW team for giving collectors easy access to collecting mainline cars by the case code via this new product. I have placed my order for Black Box “E” and you can too…


Below is the list of vehicles from the 2023 Hot Wheels “E” case assortment that may be in this box:

  • 98 Aston Martin Vantage GTE HW Turbo
  • 101 DMC DeLorean HW: The ’80s
  • 102 Drone Duty HW Metro
  • 103 Batmobile Batman
  • 104 Brick and Motor Brick Rides
  • 105 El Segundo Coupe HW Dream Garage
  • 106 ’18 COPO Camaro SS HW Drag Strip
  • 107 ’86 Ford Thunderbird Pro Stock HW Drag Strip
  • 108 Automobili Pininfarina Battista HW Green Speed
  • 109 Audi RS e-Tron GT HW Green Speed
  • 110 ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser HW Gassers
  • 111 Mod Rod HW 55 Race Team TH
  • 112 Mach It Go HW Track Champs
  • 113 Ice Shredder HW Sports
  • 114 ’15 Mazda MX-5 Miata HW Modified
  • 115 Water Bomber Sky Show
  • 116 GMC Hummer EV HW Hot Trucks
  • 118 1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport HW J-Imports
  • 118 1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport HW J-Imports $TH
  • 121 Lotus Emira Factory Fresh
  • 122 Surf ‘N Turf Surf’s Up
  • 123 ’70 Dodge Hemi Challenger Muscle Mania
  • 124 ’32 Ford Retro Racers
  • 128 Bricking Speed Brick Rides
  • 133 Rollin’ Solo HW Track Champs

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  1. So far I received A and B and had a STH and a TH. So I’ll take another gamble. I didn’t see any issues with tampering either…not to say it hasn’t happened.

  2. 3 out of 5 boxes were already opened. Donut drifter was the only TH and no STH.. kind of disappointed but I love Hot Wheels

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