Details on the new Hot Wheels X Cey Adams: SUPER VAN collaboration

Late last night, Senior Vice President of Hot Wheels, Roberto Stanichi, announced the newest #collaboration that will hit the Mattel Creations site on Friday, October 7th: the Hot Wheels X Cey Adams #Super Van. The Super van has long been regarding as one of the all-time favorite Hot Wheels vans dating back to the redline era. Cey Adams is an extremely talented visual artist from New York who recently collaborated with Mattel on a, “5-foot, 3D sculpture created with catalogs, ads, and other printed Hot Wheels archive materials from the ‘60s and ‘70s, as part of  his current art exhibition” per The Pop Insider.

The Hot Wheels #Super Van features a “LOVE” deco inspired by Adams’ famous “LOVE” murals, and the back includes Adams’ signature, a vintage Hot Wheels logo, along with the Mattel Creations logo. The packaging has yet to be revealed but the release on The Pop Insider states that it, “features the same eye-popping artwork and includes Adams’ bio on the back. Each die-cast van also comes with a certificate of authenticity.”

Look for this one to go on sale Friday, October 7th on Mattel Creations, and don’t expect it to last long as we have learned with other collaborations. Keep up-to-date on the latest Hot Wheels sales — including #collaborations — via the OTD Upcoming Sales page.

UPDATE 10/5/2022 — Visit Mattel Creations for the story and the latest info surrounding this release.

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