ENTER TO WIN 1 of 50 Hot Wheels X Mobil 1 X Luftgekühlt PORSCHE 914 SAFARI now!

You can now ENTER TO WIN this super limited edition Hot Wheels #Porsche 914 Safari now! Limited to only 50 pieces, this will certainly be one of the rarest Hot Wheels to date. This edition follows up a similar release last year when Hot Wheels & Mobil 1 teamed up to repaint the 1:1 Twin Mill and released only 50 pieces of the 1:64 #Twin Mill via an online sweepstakes. This online sweepstakes goes through November 1, 2022 and appears to be limited to U.S. addresses only.

This version of the Hot Wheels #Porsche 914 Safari features a fully-deco’d #Mobil 1 X #Luftgekühlt livery that is based off the real 1:1 car which can be seen in the video below. Kevin Jeannette (@gunnarracing on IG) built this off-road beast and was at the first Hot Wheels Legends Tour stop for this year in Miami back in April.

This is the actual car the Hot Wheels casting was based on. Collectors will remember its original deco which the Hot Wheels #2020 New Models release also had. The Hot Wheels casting was designed by Hot Wheels Designer, Dmitriy Shakhmatov.

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