2021 Hot Wheels NEW MODELS TRACKER (Updated 3/30)

2021 New Models*

Listed by debut case assortment


  • Barbie Dream Camper (HW Getaways)
  • X-34 Landspeeder (HW Screen Time)
  • Tooned Twin Mill (Tooned)
  • Hyperfin (HW Screen Time)


  • The Nash (HW Dream Garage)
  • Dodge Van (HW Drift)
  • ’20 Jaguar F-Type (Factory Fresh)


  • Lancia Delta Integrale (Baja Blazers)
  • Head Gasket (HW Daredevils)
  • Lethal Diesel (Track Stars)
  • Porsche 935 (HW Race Day)


  • ’21 Ford Bronco (Then and Now)
  • See Me Rollin’ (Experimotors)
  • ’06 Pontiac GTO (Factory Fresh)


  • Corvette C8.R (HW Race Day)
  • ’67 Ford GT40 Mk.IV (HW Race Day)
  • Twinnin’ ‘N Winnin’ (HW Getaways)
  • Car-De-Asada (Fast Foodie)


  • Raijin Express (HW Metro)
  • Custom Small Block (Experimotors)
  • Cosmic Coupe (Track Stars)


  • DAVancenator (HW Race Day)
  • Rally Baja Crawler (HW Screen Time)
  • Nissan R390 GT1 (Factory Fresh)

Upcoming case assortments

  • Mercedes-Benz 500 E (Factory Fresh)
  • ’20 Toyota Supra (HW Speed Graphics)
  • Land Cruiser FJ45 Pickup (TBD)
  • ’99 Honda Civic Type-R (EK9) (HW J-Imports)
  • ’70 Honda N600 (HW J-Imports)
  • ’94 Audi Avant RS2 (Factory Fresh)
  • Ducati Scrambler Hot Wheels Edition (Baja Blazers)
  • Ain’t Fare (HW Metro)
  • TURTOshell Helix (Street Beasts)
  • LB-Silhouette Works GT Nissan 35GT-RR Ver. 1 (HW J-Imports)
  • LB Works Lamborghini Huracán Coupé (HW Speed Graphics)
  • Batmobile (Batman)
  • Standard Kart (HW Screen Time)
  • Disney Steamboat (HW Screen Time)
  • X-Jet (HW Screen Time)
  • Draftnator (X-Raycers)
  • Muscle and Blown (Rod Squad)
  • ’94 Bugatti EB110 SS (HW Exotics)
  • McLaren F1 (HW Exotics)
  • Aston Martin V12 Speedster (HW Exotics)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 80 (HW Hot Trucks)
  • Land Rover New Defender (HW Hot Trucks)
  • Water Bomber (HW Rescue)
  • FusionBusta (HW Flames)
  • Nissan Leaf NISMO RC_02 (HW Green Speed)
  • GT-Scorcher (HW Race Team)
  • Sand Burner (HW Race Team)

*Name not final. Subject to change.

UPDATED 3/30/2021 — Added “G” case designations.
UPDATED 3/10/2021 — Added remaining 2021 New Models.
UPDATED 2/10/2021 — Added “F” case designations.
UPDATED 1/14/2021
— Added ’94 Audi Avant, Nissan R390, Ducati Scrambler, Custom Small Block, Car-De-Asada, Ain’t Fare, TURTOshell, Nissan 35GT-RR, LB Huracán
UPDATED 12/17/2020
— Added “D” case designations.
UPDATED 11/29/2020
— Added Land Cruiser, Civic, N600, See Me Rollin’ and Lethal Diesel.
UPDATED 11/14/2020
— Added Head Gasket & Twinnin’ ‘N Winnin’
UPDATED 10/31/2020
— Added ’21 Ford Bronco
UPDATED 10/10/2020
— Added Ford GT Mk.IV, ’06 GTO, Mercedes-Benz 500E, and 20 Toyota Supra. Updated name of Dekotora Truck to Raijin Express.

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