Hot Wheels LED ZEPPELIN Pop Culture Box Set now available on Amazon

9/9/2020 — Hot Wheels premium box sets are always nice as you get a compact box to store a set of 5 cars with some of the best card art out there. For Led Zeppelin fans earlier this year, they were shocked to see some epic Led Zeppelin album covers grace the sides (and blisters) of Hot Wheels.

Chances are, you the collector, have already gotten your set, but with the holidays coming up, these are great for the non-collecting Led Zeppelin fan, the casual collector, and any combination of the two. Or, if you’re like me, you just love to have a set to store away like an old album and pull out from time to time to enjoy. Either way, these are on Amazon now for $26.99 (and free shipping for Prime members). Grab yours now.

Quick Link! Hot Wheels Pop Culture / Led Zeppelin Premium Box Set on Amazon.

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Led Zeppelin Premium Box Set

  1. Haulin’ Gas
  2. Super Van
  3. Combat Medic
  4. ’67 Austin Mini Van
  5. Hiway Hauler

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  1. Thank you Brad!

    I usually catch these Amazon announcements from you too late; but was so happy to get this one in time.

    I love these, especially the Super Van. And I really hope they release a second set too. I’d love to see the Houses of the Holy livery on something. and i’m curious which 5 they would use for a second set.
    I’d guess Houses,
    Physical Graffiti,
    Presence, and
    In Through The Out Door, but
    I wonder about the fifth. I doubt it would be Coda, so I’m guessing either The Song Remains the Same or the newer Celebration Day, which is a great design.

  2. Awesome, I missed this release on Amazon and thought I pop over to your page to see if anything new has dropped.

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