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Retail Now: The hunt is on! TARGET EXCLUSIVE BIGFOOT could prove to be another Hot Wheels Monster Trucks chase piece

2/7/2020 — Ask anybody that is out there hunting the #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks: the are already some tough pieces to find despite the line only being in its 2nd year. See, there was a “ghost assortment” that was intended for Target last year that never showed up. Some did appear at Best Buy of all places back in November, but that was it. The mix included a retro Bigfoot #8, Red Hulk and Iron Spider. There is a thread on HWC forums that has pics.

Needless to say, I was extremely excited to find the latest #Bigfoot “chase” piece today at my local Target store — despite going 0 for 4 on Super Treasure Hunts in the factory-sealed “E” cases they also had. No word on if this is intended to be a chase, but the packaging does clearly state that it is a “Store Exclusive”; and if it comes in similar quantities as Bigfoot #8 it could prove to be costly if you can’t find at retail. The waiting game is on as I haven’t heard of any other collectors finding this yet, but that should change with them hitting stores this week.

According to Bigfoot’s official Instagram (@Bigfoot4x4x4) this is the “2006 Star paint scheme made famous by former driver, Rick Long”, while also stating that this deco is an exclusive design specifically for Target. So, hit up your local Target stores this weekend if you’re trying to find the latest #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks #Bigfoot.

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