Hot Wheels Pop Culture / LED ZEPPELIN now on Amazon!

1/7/2020 — Amazon has made buying Hot Wheels a whole lot easier: being able to purchase the car you want with free shipping has been a huge perk to fans of this site — though, carded collectors believe there is room for improvement in the shipping department. Still, as a loose collector, Amazon has made it super easy to select the Hot Wheels releases I want, especially when it comes to Hot Wheels iD. The trend continues into 2020 as the newest #Pop Culture series is now for sale at retail price ($5.49): LED ZEPPELIN.

Pop Culture / Led Zeppelin

  1. Haulin’ Gas (Led Zeppelin Album #1)
  2. Super Van (Led Zeppelin Album #2)
  3. Combat Medic (Led Zeppelin Album #3)
  4. ’67 Austin Mini Van (Led Zeppelin Album #4)
  5. Hiway Hauler (1975 North American Tour)
Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Pop Culture / Led Zeppelin series

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up Brad! Awesome when we can combine two passions–classic rock AND diecast cars. Why is there no $5.49 retail link for the Super Van?

  2. Maybe they’ll do Electric Light Orchestra one day. I would have thought it unlikely, but I wouldn’t have thought they would have done this.

    • Maybe! The band-related Pop Culture have seemingly done well. The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Ozzy Osbourne, The Who and ACDC were all awesome.

      • What would really be cool, Brad, would e a casting of that spaceship in an ELO Pop Culture set. They put the Mystery Machine in the last Scooby Doo Pop Culture set, so maybe it’s a remote possibility. . .

      • I have lots of the Racing Champions Hot Rockin’ Steel cars as well as a bunch of Kiss Johnny Lightning’s from years ago. Super nice castings and card art. *ANY update on the Super Van link Brad? ***

    • BLIMEY! I’ve been checking for that Super Van link every day since this was posted and it finally shows up and NONE in stock! YARRRG!

  3. I just recently finished the whole set so I dont need em. Thanks anyway for posting it so others can have a chance to buy them.

      • I got a “back in stock” alert from Amazon for the Super Van, when I clicked the link here it goes to a private seller on Amazon charging $22.80. How much do you wanna bet that scalper is getting his links here and scoffing them all up?

    • ??? I ordered several of the four that are available Monday night, they shipped the next day, and tracking them shows they will be at my door step tomorrow.

  4. Hey, is there any way to search for all special Hot Wheels listed by amazon. I’m not from US so it makes sense to do it all at once.

  5. You can search for and find some but the results will usually show private sellers with high prices, not ones sold directly by Amazon as the links that Brad posts does.

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