Hot Wheels iD TWIN MILL Now Available on Amazon

11/5/2019 — The Hot Wheels iD / HW Greats: Twin Mill is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. Many collectors were wondering what the deal with this release was since it was in the latest update of the Hot Wheels iD APP, but didn’t appear in any of the early-release Target shipments and didn’t get released with the rest of the 11/1 wave on Amazon. The Amazon listing does not call it out as exclusive, but currently, Amazon is the only place you can get it. If you have been looking for the Twin Mill to further complete your Hot Wheels iD collection, here you go!

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  1. UPDATE: Received this one today and when I tried to scan it, I received an error message telling me this car is “not supported yet”. I guess we need another firmware update…(for those using the portal to scan cars)?

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