Series 1, Wave/Season 5 of Hot Wheels iD, NOW ON SALE!

11/1/2019 — The next wave of #Hot Wheels iD is available on Amazon. This wave — dubbed “Season 5” by the Hot Wheels iD app — has a whopping, 10 new vehicles! Today is the official release date for this wave, even though collectors have been finding these cars at Target already. Two of the ten vehicles don’t have links yet as they very well could be the store exclusives. If so, that would make the Volkswagen T1-GTR a Target Exclusive, and the Twin Mill (presumably) an Apple Exclusive. More on this to come… list of vehicles, with links to buy, is below.

Hot Wheels iD – SERIES 1, SEASON 5


HW Greats

  • Twin Mill

HW Screen Time

  • Mystery Machine (dark green) [BUY NOW]
  • K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Two Thousand (black) [BUY NOW]
  • ’70 Ford Escort RS1600 (ice blue) [BUY NOW]


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  1. The amazon link for the Dark Knight Batmobile (olive) shows the Arkham Batmobile, but indicates it is the Dark Knight version.
    I suspect they just used the wrong image, but don’t want to guess. Thanks,

  2. Found all the new ones with the exception of the TV Batmobile and Mystery Machine at Target today. Even got 2 of the VW T1 GTR. I was shocked to find them on the shelf. They sent me an email yesterday about the Batmobile being their exclusive and said you could order it online but the link goes to the page and it says sold out. So if this is their exclusive, why don’t they have it available?

    • TV Batmobile is not a Target exclusive, I ordered one from Amazon (does have a delayed shipping date) early on but they are out of stock now.

      • It’s all a gimmick because Amazon says that the Roger Dodger is “their” exclusive and it’s on Target’s website too, so you can believe what you want

  3. It looks like there are actually two Ford Escorts. There’s a red one that lists it’s collection as “Classified.”

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