Hot Wheels Furious Off-Road, Fast Rewind & Star Wars Pop Culture, NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon! (UPDATED 11/20)

UPDATED 11/20/2019 — Link for ’85 Chevy Astro Van added.

10/20/2019 — More Hot Wheels Premium hits Amazon! Packaging issues aside, Amazon has proven to be a great way to grab certain premium Hot Wheels for most of 2019 — in addition to Hot Wheels iD. This time, it’s the Fast & Furious / Furious Off-Road & Fast Rewind segments and the Pop Culture / Star Wars (2019) series that are NOW FOR SALE. These are currently $5.49 (at the time of this article going live) with FREE SHIPPING — which proves to be even faster is you’re an Amazon Prime Member. Even if you have found these in-store already, it’s a great way to stock up on certain models. In Furious Off-Road, there are four new castings in this mix alone, in addition to the Subaru which has a metal base for the first time. Fast Rewind and Star Wars Pop Culture have barely hit stores. Suffice to say, the links are below. Lets us know what you’re grabbing!

Fast & Furious / Furious Off-Road

  1. Subaru WRX STi
  2. ’91 Mercedes-Benz G-Class
  3. Land Rover Defender 110 Hard Top
  4. ’67 Chevy Off-Road Camaro
  5. Hummer H1

Fast & Furious / Fast Rewind

  1. Mazda RX-3
  2. Nissan Skyline (C210)
  3. Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X
  4. Nissan Fairlady Z
  5. Nissan Silvia (CSP311)

Pop Culture / Star Wars

  1. Super Van
  2. ’88 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300
  3. Ford Transit Super Van
  4. ’85 Chevy Astro Van
  5. Dream Van XGW

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the info. Grabbed the whole F&F Rewind set but man, expected delivery between end of Nov to beginning of Jan. I hope all five cars will be delivered undamaged. I’m pretty sure Amazon will ship them in an envelope =(

  2. Hope the fast rewind cars arrive correctly. They all went into the cart with the correct pictures but the item name/descriptions are wrong.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for posting these sorts of notices about cars being on Amazon. Yes, the cards may or may not arrived damaged, but I open most of them anyway and this way saves me the hassle of battling the hoarders at the retail spots.

  4. Anyone notice the art on the Fast Rewind cards? The reflections on the wet ground aren’t of the car pictured.. the reflections depict other model cars from previous releases!

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