Car Culture / Team Transport mix 3 NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon

6/28/2019 — The #Car Culture / Team Transport line has been spotty for me in terms of distribution. I have had mild success in finding it at retail. Fortunately, I have had friends help me complete it along the way. In my area, mix C was nearly impossible to find the first couple months, however, the BRE Datsun set seems to be lingering on the pegs now. Still, the JDM Legends and Black Hole Racing sets seem to go rather quickly.

If you’re still searching for any of the Team Transport sets from the 3rd mix (“C” case) — or want to buy a couple more — check out Amazon who now has them (currently) at $12.99 and free shipping.

Car Culture / Team Transport — ON AMAZON!

  1. JDM Legends (Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X & Sakura Sprinter)
  2. BRE Datsun (’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 & Fleet Flyer)
  3. Black Hole Racing (’66 Chevy Super Nova & Retro Rig)

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  1. i need MIX D the mercedes and the nissan, MIX C is peg warming all my stores tons of datsuns and nissans only one that does not sit long is the gasser which is the carryover in mix d so im sure those will be the next peg warmer…. MIX E looks cool iv seen sneaks online for it

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