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Retail Now: Target is stocking 2019 “H” case Hot Wheels & newest Red Editions

4/14/2019 — Starting Friday, Target stores across the United States starting stocking their latest Hot Wheels “H” cases containing their #Target Exclusive, Red Edition series. In this mix of #Red Edition cars, you’ll find the HW Rapid Responder and Custom ’53 Cadillac in red, as well as the #SRT Viper GTS-R in white.

Orange Track Diecast

Photo of the pegs at a Houston-area Target on Saturday, April 13, 2019. Pegs contain the latest Hot Wheels 2019 “H” case assortment as well as the Red Edition cars.

Many collectors have even reported success in finding the ’68 Mercury Cougar Super Treasure Hunt.

So, get out and hunt at your local Target stores this weekend as these cases are expected to be flowing from the distribution centers this weekend and into this coming week. Best of luck to you and happy hunting!

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  1. just grabbed the latest reds yesterday, 3 cases stocked.. no super cougar, only 1 reg hunt i have heard that the target red ediotion cases will most likely NEVER have a supe since they are hand packed, idk how true that speculation is. This batch of reds are pretty weak the viper is cool, cadillac is mehh and rescue ranger is ughh… zamacs are way cooler than reds by far, although the 55 gasser red is going for like $20-30 aftermarket and the cool kombi fetches $15-20 …. hmmm maybe a 240Z red edition in the future that would be sweet like the black 510 from k day!

  2. Found these over the weekend as well. Only about a 3rd of the case was true “H”and random at best. The other cars were indicated as “G” on the cards

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