3/7/2019 — Hot Wheels collectors are ravenous these days. I have been asked, “when is the next Kday?” by several people, daily, for the last couple weeks. Hopefully this pacifies your appetite: The event (traditionally held in February) is following suit of the last events, dropping back a several weeks. The next event is scheduled for April 6, 2019 at 9AM local time. The cases should be 2019 “F” case assortment cars with three “first-to-market” “G” case releases — list is below.

For those that have never been to a Kmart event before, it dates back to 2004 when collectors were allowed to go through sealed cases with exclusive color variations, reserved for event. Traditionally, you arrive at your Kmart before 9AM on that date and you get a ticket (in the area of the store holding the event). When your ticket is called, you follow the rules set forth by that store as to how many cars you can choose.

As far as participating stores, I know the list is dwindling as many stores close. For those like me where there isn’t a Kmart within reasonable driving distance, I will post the link to the cases online (when they become available) >> HERE.

Keep checking back as this page will be continually updated as details become available.

UPDATED 3/11/2019 — Online cases will be available, starting 3/31 which is the first day of the promo. CLICK HERE to see the list of participating stores. Make sure to visit the article on for all other details.

UPDATED 3/24/2019 — Online cases went up for sale today (one week early). No word yet on if they will honor the purchases for the mail-in. You can purchase your case >> HERE.

UPDATED 3/27/2019 — I received word from Mattel that my request to have the mail-in dates changed to accommodate the early sales of cases on was APPROVED. Your online receipts dated 3/24 should now be honored for the ’67 Ford Bronco mail-in promotion.

Image courtesy of Mattel.

Kmart Collectors Day (April 2019) Exclusives

  • ’71 Mustang Funny Car (orange) – 2019 HW Flames – FYG46
  • ’19 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss (silver) – 2019 HW Hot Trucks – FYG47
  • ’16 Camaro SS (white) – 2019 HW Speed Graphics – FYG48
  • ’71 Datsun 510 (black) – 2019 Nightburnez – FYG49

Image courtesy of Mattel.

Kmart Collectors Day (April 2019) Mail-In

  • ’67 Ford Bronco (spectraflame dark orange) – 2019 Collector Edition

UPDATED 3/11/2019 — ’67 Ford Bronco promotion will run from 3/31/2019 to 6/5/2019. For all details, please refer to the article on

UPDATED 4/1/2019LINK to the ’67 Ford Bronco promotion ORDER FORM is now live.

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  1. Here is a link to one of the mail-in ’67 Broncos below. Nice paint scheme:

    [EDITED: No links to stolen product here. Thanks]

  2. Brad, if they do follow suit with the F case mix with G case FtM cars, I have a feeling there will be a lot of disappointed collectors. With the last two events, the cars had all already been released through other retailers by a couple weeks. By April, G case will be almost a month old, with F cases hitting the first few weeks of February. Hopefully, they will have had time to adjust the mixes with the known and expected delay. Have you been able to get any clarification from the Mattel team?

  3. ” F ” cases??? Bummer. First to market cars from the ” G ” Case Cool. But I think they should be ” G ” Cases With the First to market cars from the ” H ” Case instead

    • We haven’t received any C, D, E…………. cases around here except a random C case at the local grocery store. Walley got some shelf units with F case but no supers and only 2 regular TH in the whole display.

    • Considering that the Chicago area hasn’t seen E case or F case yet anywhere, its hard to say that this will be picked over. Sure SOME parts of the country got these cases but few and far between. People who buy cases from dealers have them.

  4. Thanks for the head’s up. I will be going to the hotwheels K-day event on Saturday April 6th.👍

  5. bahaaaaa leave it to mattel to schedule k day the same weekend as the convention in Lombard , WTFFFF they are so oblivious to what goes on even within there own organization, oh well i will be going to convention that friday and sunday luckily so ill be able to go to k day that sat to try and score a Mazda repu supe!!!

    • Matthew, the events are typically scheduled by the retailer, not by Mattel. In that aspect, Kmart really could not care less about scheduling the event the same time as the convention.

  6. No K-Marts anymore but buy cases for Mail-In promo and give cars away to kids . Thanks for the heads up!

  7. That’s right the convention is on. Good luck we have two kmarts in the area and neither of them is near Lombard. You are invited to stay the heck away from the ones there.

  8. Idk I’m optimistic about and looking forward to this next K-Day. We have been slow to get F case cars except at Target and one time a one particular Walmart but E case has not even show one bit around to my knowledge. At least for my area I don’t see G case being a week old like Mr. Ronald mentioned up above… Also to note I didn’t mean to sound like I was complaining when I posted my other comment but my local K-mart doesn’t draw randomly and also lets you take as many cars as you want with no time limit so it can be rough getting the K-day exclusives and first to markets if you don’t claim a case early on.

  9. Kday cases are up for sale now for those interested in cars. Wanted hunting to be fair unlike the last time they posted them early for sale. Good luck all.

  10. i already found all 3 ” FIRST TO MARKET ” cars at the Target store near me last week. another hot whjeels event screwed up again. HEY!!! Mattel. stop doing the ‘FIRST TO MARKET ” cars. if you can;’t keep them out of other stores before the Kmart event.

  11. Well if it is anything like what happened with november kday, Mattel wont honor the early purchases. So I’ll wait.

  12. They updated the Bronco news posting for purchases made starting 3/24. So our Sunday cases will count for the promo car! Also, last year they did have more cases up for sale eventually. I snagged mine after missing the first round by setting it to tell me when more became available and it emailed me when there were more in stock (aka email alerts). No guarantees, but might help for those that have no other options.

  13. when we click “here” for Kmart site to purchase – message says “We’re sorry, but that page is no longer available.”
    Will cases still be available on the 31st?

    • The exception was made because the cases went on sale early online, so I would assume they would not honor the in-store receipts as there was no error on that front.

  14. Had a great time at my local Kmart. Took my 5 year old son. Everyone was nice and let him enjoy the experience. Saw four Mazda supers pulled. Greatful that Mattel and Kmart are still keeping this going.

  15. It was a lot f fun for my 5 year old son. He was so excited when his number got called.
    All good except the creep-o collectors hovering over my kid’s case and sticking their hands in it. I literally had to ask a couple of guys to step back. Control yourselves people, and let the kids have fun.

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