50% OFF Team Transport: Nissan Laurel / Sakura Sprinter on AMAZON

3/1/2019 — There is no doubt that Hot Wheels collectors love the Car Culture / Team Transport line. The first wave of 2019 (mix C) is selling out on eBay and through distributor web sites at over $20 per 2-car set. The only real pegwarmer of the line appears to be this Nissan Laurel / Sakura Sprinter set ONLY because it was released in mix A and mix B. These are all over my local retail stores, BUT here is a chance for you to get the set at 50% OFF what those are hanging for. Amazon currently has these for $6.97 (& free shipping for Prime members or orders over $25). That is an outstanding deal! …Perfect for those of you who want more, especially the customizers. In fact, I just ordered another myself!

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  1. Walmart has it for the same price with free shipping. I picked one up in store and they price matched the Walmart online price.

  2. Well, I received and opened it, I was a bit disappointed that the cas didn’t actually fit in the trailer fully :/

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