Clothing brand, Supreme to sell an exclusive Hot Wheels Team Transport release (UPDATED 4/18)

2/18/2019 — The Hot Wheels brand’s crossover into the world of fashion continues into 2019 as the vintage-style clothing brand, Supreme will release this exclusive #Car Culture / Team Transport duo as part of their spring/summer collection. The release will feature a Hot Wheels Fleet Flyer / ’92 BMW M2 combo on a custom Team Transport card complete with ’90s-era Hot Wheels logo.

According to, the collection will be available at their New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris stores, this Thursday, February 21st. In addition to that, their online shop will re-open next Monday, February 25th with weekly releases every Thursday. No word yet on price and quantity.

Image courtesy of Supreme New York.

UPDATE 4/15/2019 — According to a variety of Supreme enthusiasts, the sale will occur this Thursday, April 18 at 8AM PST. They have also reported that they expect the sale to last mere seconds, so Hot Wheels collectors are going to have to be on their game to get one. Price is reported at $18 per @dropinfos on Instagram.

UPDATE 4/17/2019 — Per Supreme’s app, the Team Transport will be priced at $30, not $18 as previously reported.

UPDATE 4/18/2019 — As expected, the Supreme Team Transport sold out in a matter of seconds today. Per Supreme’s Community App (courtesy of Kyle Wynne) it sold out in 16.6 SECONDS!

You think that is crazy? Check out how long it took to sell out on Supreme’s Europe site… 7.2 SECONDS!

To Hot Wheels fans, this is absurd… to Supreme resellers, its par for the course, and just another product to cash in on.

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  1. Nice article BRAD. I just added both apps in my App Store. The regular app and the community app,plus I signed up for the emails. They are not open now,but will be looking forward to shopping with them. The skateboards and sneakers are really kool. They are the type of items I know my teenage grands will like to have. Again thanks BRAD.

  2. It seems to me that this is the modern version of a company putting their logo on a promotional car…much like how we used to see them all the time back in the 80’s-90’s, think like the Hiway Hauler with VanDe Kamp’s and various grocery stores, etc. You really don’t see that much nowadays.

  3. Heads up to anyone waiting for the car it’s not confirmed to release on the 21 or 25. It will come out on a random Thursday at 8 am PST throughout the season

  4. UGHHH so sick of supreme junk, this car culture TT is gunna be very expensive, im guessing at least $200-500 based on other supreme crap iv seen with there logo that is actual legit supreme…..

    • Wow.. you might be right Matt R. about a high price for this HW’s TT deal.. imagine what it’ll do on Evil-bay after some buy and try to pawn it off?
      When I visited Ocean City, MD boardwalk this past summer, that’s all the shops had on display for sale was Supreme this & Supreme that & i’m not even talking about the kiddies wearing it.
      Look in about 5-8 yrs (rough estimate) to see if this brand will surpass the trendy or fad stage & we’ll see if this TT setup will be worth as much as the ones sold at Walmart??!! Time will tell!

    • Omfg you don’t know anything about supreme
      Supreme drops stuff at retail price this item is one of the cheeps at 25 dollars the resell will be high just for the demand which will be 250 at most

    • Actually Supreme does not retail for very much. In fact, the car will range from $18 to $30 the only thing that makes it expensive are the people that sell the item after it sells out to make profit.

    • I’m not even going to bother looking for this. It’s not numbered like the rest of the Team Transports, not even 0/5 like RLC did with that 5 pack of Car Culture cars.

    • Supreme will release part of the spring/summer collection every Thursday. Apparently its not in this batch. Only Supreme knows when this will go on sale.

  5. Thought I had one but they sold out in under 30 seconds before I could enter payment info and check out.

  6. Crazy, had one in cart. Sold before I out one in. It was 2 minutes later. I at least had the chance to try.

  7. Do we know how many were available here in the U.S. Has anyone heard of that number. Do we know if each card will be marked with a count.

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