Hot Wheels Race Team is back for 2019 with the all new Chrysler Pacifica!

2/12/2019 — The @hotwheelsdreamteam on Instagram knows how to drop bombshell or two… this time its our first look at the #Hot Wheels Race Team for 2019. To top that, its on a brand-new casting, an off-road version of the Chrysler Pacifica minivan. As an avid Hot Wheels Race Team fan, the new style looks great — another fabulous design by Hot Wheels graphic designer, Leeway Chang. But man, this Chrysler Pacifica is one meaty casting. I am not sure who designed it, or if it was inspired by a real-life design like the Bismoto Honda Odyssey was (also seen in the pic). I will have to gather more details by the time this one starts showing up later this year. Lets hear it for the Hot Wheels Dream Team and their epic designs… only they can turn minivans into Hot Wheels.

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  1. Loooks nothing like the soccer mom pacifica im used to seeing on the streets, matter of fact looks more like some sort of dune buggy with push bumper and off road tires and lights. Watch this become a super for later this year, just you

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