Sneak Peek of the RLC Urban Outlaw Porsche 964 with Magnus Walker figure

2/7/2019 — Matthew on Cars & Hot Wheels was able to land the upcoming RLC exclusive: Urban Outlaw Porsche 964 set. He was one of the 100+ people who waited in line at the Urban Outlaw shop in Los Angeles on December 15th, ultimately coming up short as the shop quickly sold out of the 25 they had on-hand that day. As it turns out, the Urban Outlaw shop came through for Matthew (and others that missed out) as they received a few more from Mattel. Upon doing so, Matthew took to his channel and posted his review, along with a great backstory on Magnus Walker. Keep the great videos coming, Matthew!

In terms of release details: I’ve heard that this RLC Urban Outlaw Porsche 964 with Magnus Walker set is slated to go on sale in June of this year and will be limited to 10,000 pieces. No word yet on price-point, but it is expected to carry one that exceeds the standard RLC releases priced at $19.99. Orange Track Diecast will have more details as we near the release date, but for now, make sure you check out Matthew’s review of this awesome piece!

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  1. OMg 10000 !!! That number should keep the secondary market down and scalpers at a low, i see its already on ebay for $150-200 from ppl that got them from LA . I think its a awesome casting and release i could of done without the stupid little plastic magnus walker figure and put that $$ into a plastic gas pump or something auto related lol

  2. The car itself is awesome. It seems a waste of space to put it in such a large display case though. They could have fit it into the regular size case. Will be picking this up when it comes out.

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