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Retail Now: 2019 Hot Wheels Throwback popping up at Target

1/21/2019 — The #Target Exclusive #HW Throwback series has resurfaced for 2019. Several collectors have found these within the last few days at their local Target stores. This year’s mix consists of eight cars and a purple stripe on the card — oppose to blue (mix 1 2018) and green (mix 2 2018). Seven of the eight cars wear #Blackwalls while the #’85 Honda City Turbo II wears the basic #5-Spoke Wheels because (it is presumed) Hot Wheels doesn’t make Blackwalls small enough to fit it. The picture was provided by Evan M. who found these at a New Jersey Target. Thanks Evan for giving us our first look at the completed series.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Target Exclusive 2019 Throwback series. Photo by Evan in New Jersey. Used with permission.

Throwback Series 1 (Purple Stripe) • Target

  1. Morris Mini
  2. ’65 Ford Mustang
  3. Custom Datsun 240Z
  4. ’86 Monte Carlo SS
  5. ’85 Honda City Turbo II
  6. BMW E36 M3 Race
  7. Bone Shaker
  8. Cadillac Elmiraj

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  1. MSRP: $1.49
    DPCI: 087-07-5702 (Same as 2018 series)
    UPC: 887961711912 (from back of Bone Shaker 2019 Card)
    Mattel: Asst. GBB85

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