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Retail Now: BACKROAD RALLY series now pegged at Walmart

Collectors have been finding the Backroad Rally series for the better part of the last week now. Its the newest-pegged 6-car Themed Assortment at Walmart on the “automotive” side of the $1.27 pegs while the new 6-car Marvel series hangs on the Themed “Entertainment” Assortment pegs. Not all Walmarts will carry the series as it seems only the ones with dedicated $1.27 Themed Assortment pegs will get it.

This Backroad Rally series contains six #Rally Cars and some of the best blister card artwork there is. Look for it at your local Walmart now. Big thanks to Phoenix-based collector, @jcdhw for allowing me to share his Instagram post where he posted his finds.

To check out the other 2019 Themed Assortments make sure you visit the TRACKER PAGE.

Backroad Rally  Walmart

  1. Ford Escort Rally
  2. ’08 Lancer Evolution
  3. Volkswagen Scirocco GT 24
  4. Mini Cooper S Challenge
  5. ’09 Ford Focus RS
  6. Subaru WRX STi
    BUY NOW on Amazon!

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  1. I hate to sound negative, but to buy new HW’s releases off Amazon is like getting a birthday gift and then either you’re told you might not get it because it’s really wasn’t available OR you can have it if you want it, but you’ll have to WAIT!
    As big as Amazon is and they offer it for sale, but turn around and pull the plug on you so you can’t get it! Unless big box store competitors cried foul to Mattel??!!
    It’s just s strange and funny deal, that’s all!

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