Need these two Camaros? You may have to buy a real car just to get them!

’67 Camaro collectors, eat your heart out… There is a new(er) release of the casting thats essentially unattainable — short of paying tens of thousands of dollars for a 1:1 2018 Camaro. See, there was an exclusive 2-car set — containing the #’67 Camaro and #’18 Camaro SS — that was designed exclusively for those who purchased a 2018 Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Edition Chevrolet Camaro. As you can see below — thanks to Camaro owner, Scott Christiansen — these two exclusive cars come nestled in a box of foam which also includes a personalized metal card with your name, and production sequence & model/body style of your new Camaro. I can only imagine how many of these are out there and how much one would go for should one ever hit the open market. This seems like a pretty exclusive Hot Wheels item out of the reach of most collectors.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels 2-Car Camaro Set (’67 Camaro & ’18 Camaro SS) that was only available if you bought a new 2018 Hot Wheels Edition Chevy Camaro. Photo by Scott Christiansen. Used with permission.

This may be old news to some since the set did come out in 2018, but thanks to Scott, I was finally able to secure some decent pictures of the set. You can tell this will be a hard set to come by as finding high resolution pictures for you to view took several months on its own!

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  1. I would like to ask him a few questions. I work at a small GM dealership. Just want to see what the process was to get the cars.

  2. So the 1/64 2018 camaro is made to look exactly like your real vehicle!!! That is soo friggin cool !! If thats what his real camaro looks like that is a slick paint job and very unique with that greyish racing stripe ! Glad the malaysian lunch box crew didnt get there hands on these if they did would of been a bummer, but i wouldnt doubt a “factory” custom popping up on e pay since there are these pics of the real thing!!

  3. I bought a 2018 Hot Wheels Camaro a month ago with 1700 miles on it. Like brand new. I did not get a die cast Hot wheels 50th anniversary edition car set. How would I get one. The car was 60 k. I really want that die cast car. Please call me. 760-218-9910
    Thank you,
    Teresa T.

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