List of the BEST Hot Wheels GIFT IDEAS for Hot Wheels Collectors (and kids too)

11/27/2018 — The holiday season is upon us and Hot Wheels collectors can be some of the hardest people to buy for. Sure, we are all looking for that one release that is most likely super hard to find, OR priced outrageously… and don’t even get me started on trying to teach a potential gifter about Hot Wheels before they purchase a specific Hot Wheels release for you. Also, chances are, if you are thinking about getting some newer releases — like maybe some 2019 product — that collector will have already obtained it in the weeks leading up until Christmas. So, what is a gift-giver to do?

Well, I have taken the time to put together a list of items for Hot Wheels collectors (and kids too) — as well as some personalized descriptions — so you can be at ease buying your favorite collector an item they can actually use (oppose to throwing in a pile of duplicates).

NOTE: Collectors, if you see something on this list, you can forward it to your friends/family to help them out! Also, please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to add.

**Prices may vary from time of posting.


Hot Wheels 108 ct. Acrylic Display Case – $140

This is one of those items that truly show you have arrived in the collecting world. This 108-car acrylic display case is as good as it comes to when choosing to display your Hot Wheels and other diecast, giving whatever room you choose to put it in a true showcase for your loose cars.



Hot Wheels 48 ct. Display Case w/ Exclusive ’83 Chevy Silverado – $44

Should you not want to drop the $140 or so for a top-of-the-line acrylic display case, this 48-car display case produced by Hot Wheels is a great alternative. This sturdy plastic display definitely has a premium feel to it and comes with an exclusive ’83 Chevy Silverado in Hot Wheels Race Team deco. Such a good deal!

If you’re buying this for that special collector, imagine their face when you place this huge box wrapped up in their lap — only to have that smile continue to grow as they unwrap it.



Hot Wheels Book by Assouline – $45

There have been some great “coffee table books” put out by various authors this year. If the collector in mind has an appreciation for the visual arts, this may be the book for them as it has over 300 pages and numerous full-page illustrations that even non-collectors can appreciate. The price may seem intimidating for it being “just a book”, but when you see the quality put forth here, I doubt you’ll regret it.



Hot Wheels: From 0 to 50 at 1:64 Scale – $25Orange Track Diecast

Where as the Assouline book may be geared more towards newer collectors, the Hot Wheels: From 0 to 50 at 1:64 Scale book will certainly appeal to the collector that collectors older Hot Wheels OR has an appreciation for all that goes into Hot Wheels design. This book contains some “rare design drawings and prototypes from Mattel’s archives” that are worth seeing for the price of the book alone. To add it the book’s charm, it comes in a vintage-style carrying case.


Sterling Protector Cases for Hot Wheels (Pop Culture / Replica Entertainment / Car Culture) – $25 (to $105)

It may not be the flashiest gift, but a box of protectors can certainly be used by any Hot Wheels collector. Even as primarily a loose collector, I use these to store my cars that I am holding onto, OR using them to ship high-end cars to other collectors. These Sterling Protectors that I have listed fit any of the Hot Wheels Pop Culture, Car Culture and Retro/Replica Entertainment releases. Some of these releases are become highly-collectible as their value nears triple digits. These are a worthwhile investment to protect that long term value of these highly-desirable, collector releases.

Pop Culture / Alex Ross DC Comics Series BOX SET – $27

The Pop Culture / Alex Ross DC Comics Series came out earlier this year, but this brand-new box set is exclusive to Amazon. The artwork alone is worth the price of this fabulous box set.


Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway – $99

This has essentially become a must-have for any semi-serious downhill racer. Its really the ultimate Hot Wheels race track as it comes standard with a “fair-release” start gate and an electric, battery-powered finish line. The track is 6 lanes at each being 8-feet long which is a great length. BUT if you wish make it even longer, it has connectors at the very end to add on whatever length of track you need to fulfill your Hot Wheels racing dreams. My 4-year-old daughter loves racing on mine, and I’ve gone to Hot Wheels events where adult collectors are having as much fun racing as the kids. This is truly a must-have, and its one of those gifts that whomever receives it, will remember forever!


Hot Wheels Track System Race Crate – $42

The Hot Wheels Race Crate is meant for kids so it would make a killer gift for any kids you typically buy Hot Wheels for (ie. your kids, friends’ kids, young relatives, birthday parties). It has an ability to be reconfigured into different track sets and its compatibility with existing track sets, which is pretty cool on its own. As a parent, the part I appreciate most is its ability to be folded up easily — into a crate — and stored away!



Hot Wheels 4-Lane Elimination Track – $20

Its a great starter set for any kid. The 4-car “fair-release” start gate releases all four cars at the same time and the elimination “flip-gates” ensure only one car makes it to the finish line. If you want to see how cool this feature is, check out my friend Matthew’s video demonstration. This is an Amazon Exclusive playset, and $20 is a fabulous price-point.


Hot Wheels 50-Count Starter Pack – $40

Such a great starter set of individually carded Hot Wheels, at a great price. These 50 cars can be had for less than retail when bought as part of this pack and the latest word on the street is that these boxes contain some of the newest 2019 releases in them.

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  1. The Hot Wheels Display Case Wall Cabinet 108 compartment looks really sharp. The reviews praised how well it’s made and how well it’s packaged… looks like I’ll be picking up three or four of these. Again thanks for the info Brad.

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