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Retail Now: New 5-Pack ALERT! 2019 Rocket League 5-Pack

11/4/2018 — The first Hot Wheels 5-Pack for 2019 has officially hit stores in the United States. The Rocket League 5-Pack was found by @tandphwguide yesterday at a Houston-area Walmart. This comes in addition to the 2019 Speed Blur 5-Pack that has already started to show up in Australia.

Rocket League is a new license for Hot Wheels and this 5-Pack is clearly in promotion of it. Per the packaging, it contains “Special Bonus [Downloadable Content] Inside”, meaning it has a code that can be redeemed on In addition to this, Hot Wheels has released a special Rocket League Stadium Playset.

Collectors of the Hot Wheels #Bone Shaker will definitely be seeking this 5-Pack out as its contains the latest variant of the casting. The rest of the contents of the 5-Pack are listed (and shown) below.

Rocket League 5-Pack

  • Gazella GT
  • MR11
  • Fast 4WD
  • Bone Shaker
  • Twin Mill III
Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Rocket League 5-Pack. Photo taken by Tim Callo at Walmart, November 3, 2018.

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