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Retail Now: the Hot Wheels RACE CRATE is out!

7/16/2018 —  Amazon Prime Day kicked off earlier today so you can bet on a whole lot of new and discounted product to be appearing on the online retail giant. With that said, there hasn’t been much for deals as far as Hot Wheels are concerned. The only real deal I saw was the Jurassic World Character Cars Box Set for $13.99.

So while there isn’t much for deals (so far), there is a brand-new track set that was launched today. I’m not sure if it is indeed an Amazon Exclusive, but currently its the only place you can get it. The HOT WHEELS RACE CRATE is meant for kids so it would make a killer gift for any kids you typically buy Hot Wheels for (ie. your kids, friends’ kids, young relatives, birthday parties). However, its ability to be reconfigured into different track sets and its compatibility with existing track sets, make me also think that it would be good for those of you that race your Hot Wheels — I’m looking at you Redline Derby guys! I’ll let you buy and configure it in a way that works for you. If you do, please email the pics you take at and I will post them here! Oh, and don’t forget that Prime Membership so this thing, and all your future Amazon purchases, can ship for FREE.

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