New HOT WHEELS CASTING AND PRICE GUIDE is a must for all collectors!

From Hot Wheels collectors, FOR Hot Wheels collectors. That is what the HOT WHEELS CASTING AND PRICE GUIDE is all about. This 1st Edition of the brand-new guide picks right up where the Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels (6th Edition, Volume 1) left off in 2007. Keeping with the essence of the collector-favorite “Tomart’s Guide”, this 2018 edition was assembled by current Hot Wheels Newsletter Editor, Jim Garbaczewski.

Orange Track Diecast

After years of speaking with Jim online and sharing moderator/editor duties with him on, I can attest that Jim knows his stuff. I had the pleasure of finally meeting him in person last year at the Hot Wheels Convention in Los Angeles, and he is the type of guy you could talk to for hours about all things Hot Wheels — I know, because I did. Chances are, you don’t need me to vouch for Jim as you are probably aware of his work.

If there is an off-chance that you haven’t heard of Jim, but have frequented other Hot Wheels databases online, rest assured that Jim was aided by some of the most knowledgeable collectors out there like Rob Graves (HobbyDB Master of Data, Founder), Mike Strauss (Tomart’s Price Guide Author, Hot Wheels Newsletter Founder) and Tim Callo (Hot Wheels Wiki Admin). Carl Pomponio, Frank Janacek, Russ Kottke, James Collin, and Kurt Hille were also among the many others Jim reached out to for help with this book, so you know there is some major Hot Wheels knowledge in here!

I received my HOT WHEELS CASTING AND PRICE GUIDE from HobbyDB a couple weeks ago and have been paging through it ever since. As far as I can tell, no Hot Wheels release from 2008 to 2017 has been missed. Even some of the rarest of variations were captured in this book. In an era of Hot Wheels research being dominated by the online resources such as HobbyDB and the Hot Wheels Wiki, this guide certainly holds its own and is certainly a must have for all Hot Wheels collectors — especially the ones that collect loose.

This guide has over 200 pages which are all full-color. According to the cover, there are over 3,300 color photos in this guide that focuses on collecting by the Hot Wheels casting. So, if you collect in a similar fashion as I do, you’ll find yourself paging through this thing at all hours of the day. You’ll even want to pull out some of your favorite Hot Wheels casting collections, so you can compare and immediately dispute the printed prices in the guide. Yeah, you Mr. Wise Guy! NOTE: I did notice the prices do run on the lower side which is nice because it does give collectors a reasonable expectation if they are looking to sell.

Orange Track Diecast

While this guide may appear to cater to some of the more experienced collectors out there with its loads of abbreviations, novice collectors need not worry as there is a complete wheel & abbreviation guide in the front of the book.

The HOT WHEELS CASTING AND PRICE GUIDE (1st Edition) is currently for sale on HobbyDB. Its $49.99 price tag may be intimidating to some, but hopefully this overview has convinced you otherwise. Its truly a great book that deserves a spot among your collection. I can’t tell you how many times you’ll pull it out when questions arise while admiring your loose collection, so its really an invaluable resource in itself. Congratulations to Jim and the team at HobbyDB for completing this. I know how much time, work and effort went into making this so I am glad that I have one. Time to get back to collecting … I have some vehicles to look up!

Orange Track Diecast

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  1. Just a thought for someone in the printing industry, & an avid collector. I’m sure the $50 price tag could’ve be alleviated had this publication not been done in full color. Given there are descriptions/abbreviations for every vehicle, color could’ve been typed, thus black & white printing would’ve sufficed. I also find the price tag a little steep, given that the print run quantity put these books @ a lower per piece price. (w/ enough room for profit @ a lower price. Finished size of publication, & image size are also factors) I loved your article & visit this site every day, keep up the great work.

    Side note: While most of the information in this book is available online thanks to websites like this one, I think I’ll pass.

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed and showing the new hot wheels that will be coming to our town. Thank you S&K

  3. Hi love collecting especially older classic finds usually at Walmart. Wondering if you had email newsletter subscription? Thanks

    • If you go to the home page… there is a wordpress button on the right-hand side of the page where you can get a notification by email everytime a post drops.

  4. I have a Hot Wheel collection of all redlines that I started when I was a teenager. My Dad owned a shell station at the time and Hot Wheels was giving away cars w a fill up..thats when it all started..I am curious what my collection is valued at, these cars have been in a glass case for over 50 years! Also have Johnny Lightenings as well.

  5. Hello,
    I am looking for the latest update on the Tomarts Hot Wheels guide or anything that gives updated information regarding casting, pricing, etc. Looking for this information for pre-2007 Hot Wheels. I currently have Tomarts 5th and 6th edition. Just curious if there is anything more updated for these old models.
    Any suggestions are appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Abe Vaughn

  6. I think i is too high also. I will try and find some cheaper books as I am a senior and on a limited income.

  7. For the love of Pete, will somebody please make a digital version? perhaps online where you pay a lifetime fee of $49. The online guide can be updated at will by the author, like a wiki fan page. Wiki fan pages are great but the quality of the pics is not consistent. I might gladly pay for an online site that has good pics

  8. Any chance this Hot Wheels Casting and Pricing guide will be released in pdf format? I would love to have it accessible on my smartphone and be able to search it when I am trading hot wheels with friends or on a hunt?

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