THIS WEEK in Hot Wheels – 9/1/2017 News Recap


Hitting Stores Now!

U.S. collectors have reported finding the “P” case assortment of Hot Wheels mainline cars. Toys R Us has been getting special cases for a week, but Targets nationwide have started to put out their new sidekicks with the newest Red Edition cars today. Also, a few people have reported finding new “trays” of “P” case cars at Walmart. Malaysian & Australian collectors are finding the 2018 “A” case assortments.

Kroger stores, Walgreens, Hy-Vee and other smaller retailers have started putting out the 2017 Halloween cars. I was lucky enough to score a semi-fresh sidekick today.

Force Friday!

Today (9/1) is Force Friday and many collectors hit up local Toys R Us and Target stores who were having special events at midnight (last night). If you’re a fan of the Star Wars Hot Wheels products — Starships, Carships or Character Cars — hit up your local retailer now as they should have fresh stock in for the new movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017).

Kmart Collector’s Day

The next Kmart Collector’s Day Event is scheduled to be on Saturday, September 16 as it was reported by the Hot Wheels Newsletter. No official word on any of the Mattel channels yet, but there is a good chance that two of the exclusives are the ’95 Mazda RX-7 (’17 Now & Then, in Red) and the ’05 Ford Mustang (’17 HW Race Team, in White).

Orange Track Diecast

Sneak Peek of the Hot Wheels ’95 Mazda RX-7 from the Then and Now Series as shown at the 17th Annual Hot Wheels National Convention in Pittsburgh

25% OFF SALE at!

The Shop is having a 25% OFF SALE now through the end of Labor Day weekend — with FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $50. This is a great way to pick up some great exclusives that you may have passed on in the past, or a way to grab an extra to open.

31st Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention

Tickets for the event are SOLD OUT! See you in Los Angeles October 4th to the 7th!



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