New ZAMAC “L” case assortment showing up at Walmart

06/12/2017 — The next wave of #Walmart Exclusive #ZAMAC vehicles are starting to show up in the #2017 Hot Wheels mainline “L” case assortments. This mix is a breath of fresh air for real car enthusiasts as it contains two Fords and a Porsche. NOTE: These have been reported being found in cases that are not associated with a dump bin.

  • Porsche 993 GT2 (Factory Fresh) #010
  • ’32 Ford (HW Flames) #011
  • Ford Shelby GT350R (Muscle Mania) #012
Orange Track Diecast

Wave of the three Walmart Exclusive ZAMACs from the 2017 Hot Wheels “L” Case Assortment – ’32 Ford, Ford Shelby GT350R and Porsche 993 GT2

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