List of Hot Wheels 2017 Mail-In Promotions

03/11/2017 — Hot Wheels is once again partnering with the big box retailers to offer promotional vehicles for buying cars at retail. Kmart, Toys R Us, and now Walmart will all be the mail-in retailers where you send in receipts and card-backs for mainline Hot Wheels cars totaling $20. This marks the first year in a while that Walmart will be doing the traditional mail-in. It appears that they have scrapped the Race Rewards program, a program in which you could accumulate points for buying any Hot Wheels retail product, and scanning that receipt into the mobile app. The Walmart promo may be a pure mail-in now, but if one thing will remain constant, it will be that their promo vehicles will continue to be #ZAMAC editions. Below is the list of 2017 mail-in cars:

UPDATED 10/13/2017 — Added ’56 Chevy Convertible promo information.

UPDATED 09/08/2017 — Added ’76 Ford Gran Torino promo information.

UPDATED 06/27/2017 — Added Long Gone promo information.

UPDATED 05/31/2017 — Added Wonder Woman Invisible Jet details.

UPDATED 05/02/2017 — Added Wonder Woman Invisible Jet (not an April Fools joke after all).

UPDATED 04/04/2017 — Added link to Datsun Bluebird 510 OTD article.

UPDATED 03/15/2017 — Added ’57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible.


10 thoughts on “List of Hot Wheels 2017 Mail-In Promotions

  1. Sweet deal! I buy tons of hotwheels. I am a very admint collector. I’m very Happy to see the hotwheel company giving some back to there customers.

      1. Any word on the Long Gone? It starting to show up on ebay now but still no dates for the mail in yet.

  2. I know that my local Toys R Us does not participate in the Hot Wheels give always so I will miss out again. No employee of Toys R Us can tell me which stores do & do not participate and why. I could drive 80 miles to the next one but they aren’t sure if they participate or not.

    1. Hey Joshua, as far as I know, all Toys R Us (TRU) receipts are valid. The store employees are probably not knowledgeable because they don’t have to do anything, since its all on you to buy the $20 worth of cars, and send in the receipt and cardbacks for the Long Gone.

  3. I can see Mail ins 1 through 6 but number four seems to be missing because they did a Wonder Woman car this year.
    Any word on where the number four car is?

  4. I went to Kdays in November, bought 20 cars, but where do I mail them to and instructions? I greatly would appreciate info on this as the expiration date is coming near. Thank you. Robert

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