Sales at to start NEXT WEEK!

10/03/2016 — The long awaited sales over at will resume next week. Its been a tumultuous path this year and sales have been limited, but with the team over at HWC currently planning and producing vehicles through the 2018 calendar year, the outlook looks good as Hot Wheels Graphic Designer Steve Vandervate has been sneaking a peek at a few scheduled releases over on the HWC Message Boards (in the RLC Photo forum).

Below are the sales that have just been announced by HWC Gary:

  • 10/11: HWC Gulf Racing Rocket Oil
  • 10/25: HWC “Spoilers” TNT Bird, and HWC “Spoilers” Light My Firebird. (DOUBLE SALE)

UPDATE 10/21/2016 — Spoilers sale changed back to 10/25.

UPDATE 10/19/2016 — Spoilers sale pushed back a week from 10/25 to 11/1.

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