Hot Wheels / Star Wars Carships starting to show up at retail!

08/26/2016 — The Hot Wheels Carships line is starting to show up at retail as HWC member “calley” reported finding them at his local Meijer store. According to at least one dealer, these have a street date slated for September 30, 2016 and should not be hitting the sales floor yet. This line is the retail version of the San Diego Comic Con #Star Wars “Trench Run” set that was sold for $50 and included an X-Wing Fighter being chased by three Tie Fighters (with one of them being Darth Vader’s). Below are four cars that have been found. NOTE: More cars have now been added since this article first went live.

Star Wars Carships

UPDATED 09/30/2016: More Carships added along with the mix in which they make their first appearance and their targeted release date.

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