New Hot Wheels 5-Packs hitting stores now

04/07/2016 — New Hot Wheels 5-Packs are starting to hit retail stores across the United States. Included in this latest batch of 5-Packs are the HW Flames 5-Pack, Snow Stormers 5-Pack and the Batman V. Superman 5-Pack.

HW Flames 5-Pack

  1. Chrysler Pronto
  2. ’69 COPO Corvette
  3. Dodge Viper RT/10
  4. ’68 El Camino
  5. ’62 Chevy Truck


Snow Stormers 5-Pack

  1. Golden Arrow
  2. Loop Coupe
  3. HWTF Stunt Buggy
  4. Land Crusher
  5. Piledriver

Diecast Motorsports

Batman V Superman 5-Pack

  1. ’11 Dodge Charger R/T (Gotham City Police Department)
  2. ’11 Dodge Charger R/T (Metropolis Police Department)
  3. ’16 Batmobile
  4. Ultra Rage
  5. Rivited


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