Being mid-December, we are deep in the holiday season and if you’re like me, you could already use a break. While this Hot Wheels #Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 may belong to the 2006 Holiday Hot Rods, its removal from the packaging generates another identity.

The #Holiday Hot Rods originated in 2006 and should not be confused with the premium #Holiday Rods. This 12-car series started off as a Walmart Exclusive with each car coming on a snow-globe shape blister with Santa on it. In 2007, Target started releasing their own color variants that could be found in Holiday Hot Rods 3-Packs. The 2006 and 2007 Holiday Hot Rods both featured 12 plastic-bodied cars with satin paint jobs.

So while this Evo wears the satin paint from the Holiday Hot Rods, its very easy to forget that it is a holiday release given the lack of holiday décor. While I don’t think anyone was upset because of the lack of graphics, its inclusion in the series is a little confusing. But this works to our advantage as collectors! Instead, we have this great release that is incredibly clean and really shows off the casting’s body lines.

The Hot Wheels #Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 has only had a handful of releases since its inception over 10 years ago. Originally part of the 4-Car World Rally Series, this Lancer Evo never got a First Edition or New Model welcome to the mainline like the other 3 cars in that series. Instead, it was transitioned after this Holiday Hot Rods release. This means only the World Rally Series and Holiday Hot Rods releases had the plastic body / metal base combo. Once it transitioned to the mainline in 2008, to be part of the Track Stars, it got a metal body & plastic base.

Currently, this one sells for anywhere between $8 to $13-shipped (when carded), which given the popularity of #JDM vehicles, is certainly understandable for a mid-2000s release. If you have one of these or are able to obtain one, I highly encourage you to take it out of the blister and place it under the light — you won’t be disappointed, that satin shines!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Satin Orange Body (metal). Yellow-Tinted Windows. Black Interior and Spoiler. Chrome 5Y Wheels. Matte Black Base (metal). Made in Thailand. Toy# L1198. Released in 2006 as #12 of 12 in the Walmart Exclusive Holiday Hot Rods.

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